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Your Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Alternative Education

Your Missing Piece of the Puzzle

Program Coordinator: Shawn Griffith
Administrative Assistant: Kari Gonder

Constantine Tech Alternative Education

Constantine Tech provides and education that is beneficial to students in credit recovery in numerous ways.
As a Constantine Tech teacher, I will highlight three benefits.  First of all, all the students who did not pass a class, he or she has core subject teachers to assist.  Many times, I have sat shoulder to shoulder with a student explaining something in history or language arts that I have had experience teaching.  The student gets direct, immediate, and personal instruction from the Constantine Tech teachers.  Secondly, the student cannot simply disappear in a class of 30 as in a typical classroom setting.  The class size in Tech is normally small enough that the student will get the help or redirection needed with no distractions.  This also helps in forming good relationships that students can get encouragement and guidance from the teachers.
Finally, the students will benefit from an online course that is not too easy yet not too difficult.  The student can work at her or her own pace and keep on pace to graduating.  For these reasons, students can reap the rewards of a Constantine Tech education.
Mrs. Clark
Language Arts Teacher
Constantine Tech
Several Students don't do well in a traditional classroom setting.  Constantine Tech gives these students a chance to still succeed in school without the traditional setting. It also allows students with special circumstances in their lives to continue their education.  Any time we can provide any student with an opportunity to get a degree, WHY wouldn't we?
Mr. Mark Bradford
Constantine Tech Alternative Education